The sauna located at the shore of Tassulampi has a single heating Aito stove, which provides a traditional, gentle heat

The sauna structure constains a combined kitchen-living room, a dressing room, a shower room a sauna and two toilets. Sauna also allows for the use of an electric stove as an alternative.


Use of  the Aito stove 100€ + 10€/person.

Use of the electric stove 50€ + 10€/person.

Kitchen rental without sauna 30 € / event.

Renting the combined kitchen-living room without use of sauna costs 30€.

Hot tub rental 70€ / event when renting sauna.

Hot tub rental 100€ / event without renting sauna.

Karaoke system at sauna 30€ / 3h.

Free WiFi.

Ice hole for swimming is available when renting sauna.

Requests and reservations

Request our accommodation offer either by email: or by phone +358(0)500 324 107. You can also contact us through our contact form.